Family of victim of late night brawlers continues to press for attempted murder charge

CityNews – A 22 year old man who was severely injured from a late night brawl has returned home after being hospitalised and his mother is demanding the police press for attempted murder charges.

Chanudom Sangwow, 22, who was severely injured from a brawl between his friends and adversaries has returned home after being hospitalised for two weeks. According to police report, 10 out of the 12 brawlers have turned themselves in and are charged with bodily assault.

Chanudom who still has not fully recovered, told his side of story that he was with his friends who stirred up trouble with another group in a pub which almost broke into a fight but they were restrained by the pub’s guard. The dispute simmered and both groups decided to meet and talk. However, the situation went sour and he was caught up in a brawl. He admitted to wielding a weapon which was a wooden stick to defend himself but he was outnumbered as he was left alone with the opponents, his friends having fled the scene.

He revealed that he is still feeling dizziness and his left hand does not function well which forces him to quit his part-time job. His 47 year old mother has been pressing police to charge the brawlers with attempted murder but as she has not received any response from the police she fears that her demand will not succeed.

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