Family of victim demands attempted murder charges for late night brawlers

 | Thu 8 Aug 2019 12:06 ICT

CityNews – A family demanded to press attempted murder charges against the brawlers.

Following a fight which broke out between two groups of adversaries that occurred on the night of August 6th, the family of the only casualty found at the scene is demanding police to press attempted murder charges against the brawlers. Police reported that 10 out of 12 have turned themselves in and they are charged with bodily assault.

Chanudom Sangwow, 22, who was found severely injured and unconscious, failed to flee with his friends and ended up being ganged up on and violently beatetn. His 27 years old sister revealed in a report on August 8th that he is still in coma. The family is worried that he might not ever fully recover as his condition is worrisome as he has swelling in his brain. His mother stated that violence had never been in his nature and that he is a responsible young man who provides for the family. Chanudom was also about to received Thai nationality. The family is now pressing police for progress on the case.

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