Brawlers arrested after starting a fight in the middle of the city

 | Wed 7 Aug 2019 11:44 ICT

CityNews – Groups of brawlers were arrested after a punch up on a roadside in the city.

A brawl near a gas station on Rat Chiang Saen Road was reported to the police this week. A 22 year old man was found at the scene, gravely injured and unconscious. CCTV records showed that it was a premeditated fight between two groups of youth, as members of the groups appeared to be standing in appointed positions prior to the fight.

Police were able to identify all of the men, whose ages ranged between 14 to 33. So far 10 out of 12 have turned themselves in. According to the statements so far, the fight was planned following a dispute at a night club several nights prior.