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Red Shirts Attack Anti-Government Protesters in Chiang Mai

CityNews – On Sunday anti-government protesters were attacked by red shirts in downtown Chiang Mai.

PDRC supporters hiding from missiles

Supporters of the People?s Committee for Absolute Democracy with the King as Head of State (PDRC) demonstrated on Tapae Road, and later near the Three Kings Monument, blowing whistles and carrying anti-government slogans.


Dr Duantemduang na Chiang Mai, the former Democrat mayor of Chiang Mai, led the protests.

PDRC supporters were intercepted at Narawat Bridge by supporters from the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, led by DJ Auan, who wanted to prevent the former mayor from reaching the Chiang Mai Governor’s house. 

They were later followed to the Three kings Monument where they were attacked.

Red shirts threw bottles and sprayed water at cars, trucks and bikes involved with the protests. Some protestors were also knocked to the ground and beaten.


Police soon intervened and prevented the red shirt groups from attacking anymore protestors.

Later close to Sompetch Market PDRC groups again had to flee from red shirts trying to stop them protesting for the resignation of caretaker Yingluck Shinawatra. In a final effort PDRC supporters went to Nong Hor racecourse, after which they disbanded.    

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