Main Dish: Winter Gifts by The RedBox

 |  November 14, 2018


Winter Gifts by The RedBox

The Red Box is the passion project of husband and wife team, Chef Chindanai ‘Dan’ Boonchaliew and art lover Pimmada ‘Proud’ Kamkulsuntorn. The two have combined their talents to create a dining destination unlike any other in the city. Elegant, welcoming, impeccably presented, the restaurant itself as well as each dish, is lovingly created to feature creative takes on South East Asian as well as world cuisines. ‘Red Moments’ are what the pair call the experiences they offer their guests, because each guest is treated as though they are truly special in this detail-oriented restaurant which takes you on a culinary journey from start to finish. Recommended Dishes Butter Shrimp with Salted Eggs: Inspired by Singaporean cuisine which features many salted egg dishes, Chef Dan has uses Thailand’s famous Chaiya salted eggs to make a paste used to fry shrimps in batter. Rendang Beef Curry: This local dish from Malaysia and Indonesia uses fatty beef cooked in a broth of rendand herbs mixed with shallots, chilli, tomatoes and coconut milk served with roti or rice wrapped in pandanas leaves. Asia Moules: Inspired by western mussel pots, this pot of mussels infuses both western and eastern flavours, with white wine, tomatoes and herbs. Lamb Penang Curry: New Zealand lamb is cooked to tender perfection and served with a rich penang sauce. The Mother Earth: An artisanal handcraft drink made from white grape juice and infused with pandanas and jasmine, it is decorated with honeycomb and lemon, and smoked with candle-smoke pre service. It is simply delicious and represents the best of nature. Thai Red Ruby: A modern Thai dessert which tastes like the famous ruby water chestnuts dessert, but is taken to another level with the addition of coconut ice cream and star gooseberry sweet caviar, and a crispy coconut crepe and Thai shortbread cookies on the side. The dish is candle-smoked pre-serving, to add to the flourish. The Redbox Restaurant No. 6, Haew Kaew Road Open 11.30am – 10.00pm (Close every Tuesday) Tel. 092 979 4542 Facebook: redboxdining