Ktichen Culture: Steamed Egg and Roses

 |  November 14, 2018


Steamed Egg and Roses 

“I like waking up early in the morning and going into the garden to pick some roses. I then take off the petals and spray some water on them, covering them with a thin cloth to keep them fresh. Next, I chop some pork and shrimps into a mixed mince and add soy sauce, pepper, a tea spoon of brown sugar, sliced spring onions, and blend it all together. I then use one pickled duck’s egg and three chicken eggs. I separate the duck’s egg into yolk and white while the chicken’s eggs I crack in their entirety into a bowl. I beat the chicken eggs lightly so that there is no foam and add a pinch of salt, and add water or chicken stock (around double the volume of eggs). I then put a bowl into a steaming pot, adding he pork and prawn mix when the water boils. Once cooked, I slowly add the beaten chicken eggs for about five minutes until cooked. I then slowly add the duck’s egg yolk into the middle and steam for a further three minutes. I remove it from the heat and wait for it to cool a little bit before sprinkling the rose petals and sliced spring onions on top. This is a great start to the day and gets me full of energy!” Bussakorn Pitchayatit, retired writer from Sakulthai Weekly Magazine