Food Trails: Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant

 |  February 15, 2018


Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant

What is making Rimm Phi Romm the talk of the town these days is its deep understanding of Thai cuisine married with the clever use of European traditions, techniques and presentations, which combines to make for a very exciting dining experience.
Power couple Chef and Restaurateurs Rewat and Nuchahart Srilachai of Steak of the Day fame, have come together to create a unique restaurant focusing on authentic Thai flavours and local seasonal produce and elevating them to international fine dining standards. Each traditional and familiar dish uses produce which tell a story, whether it is freshly picked that morning from the fence of a local forager, or from an organic farm down the road. Chef Rewat is focused on going back to his Thai roots, understanding that the best produce is seasonal and adapting his menu accordingly…and daily.
Get your juices flowing with the grilled US scallops in a spicy black squid ink dip, a posh twist on the traditional grilled squid and seafood sauce, or the fried spring rolls topped with jelly sauce, which is basically a classic Thai spring roll, but with the dipping sauce shape shifting into a wobbly jelly., or the elegant steam fish soufflé in an oyster cup, a different take on the humble and ubiquitous fish curry custard.
It is always best to share Thai food, so if you have a sizable group, make sure to order the Isaan styled spicy mackerel fish dip served in a refreshing and edible , cucumber cup, the spicy pomelo salad wrapped in fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, a vibrant and colourfully presented dish as the spring rolls are made traditionally as well as from riceberry and charcoal. And make sure you all get a bite of the rich massaman sauce that saturates braised Australian lamb shank and the playful and tender fried lamb ‘dad diew’ sriracha sauce.
If you can manage any dessert, then order the purple sweet potato in coconut milk or the sweet egg custard in baby pumpkin, both dishes passed down the generations, but reimagined with great creativity.

Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant
Mae Rim Plaza, T. Rim Tai, A. Mae Rim
Open 4pm – 9pm (Closed Sundays)
Tel. 081 256 7292
Facebook: Rimm Phi Romm Thai Restaurant