Khaiped’s Kitchen : Sliced Pickled Turnip Served in a Coconut Broth

 |  August 30, 2019


  One of my family’s favourite dishes is sliced pickled turnip served in a coconut broth, something I know is quite unusual as no one I know has really heard of it before, as the more common use of the picked turnip is to fry it.     I was given a gift of this dish from a friend’s mum who brought a bag of it back from a visit to Chachoengsao Province and it reminded me of my youth when I used to see Chinese vendors carrying baskets of pickled turnips along the streets. It was nice to see an ingredient of my youth being used in such an innovative way.     Next time I saw my mum, I asked her what she knew about this dish, only to find that it was in fact quite simple to make, and now I make it whenever I can.     Mum told me that she prepares it by choosing about 20 unrinsed sweet pickled turnip and thinly slices them. She then slices around ten shallots and puts it aside. Coconut milk is then added to the turnips, just covering them, adding a splash of water to dilute the liquid.     All the ingredients then go into a pot on a stove and simply simmers. The salty and sweet flavours are drawn out of the turnips and there is a hint of sweetness which comes out of the shallots. If needed, a little bit of salt or brown sugar can be added to taste. It is important to stir constantly so the coconut milk doesn’t curdle. Top it with some fresh coriander and chili and serve it with piping hot jasmine rice.