|  April 23, 2019


  For over 60 years this made-to-order restaurant has been bustling daily as diners jostle with wait staff while flames erupt from sizzling woks and aromas of chili pastes and garlic fill the air.     The sun dried pork is a top hit here, delicious after being coated in sesame seeds. The tom yam seafood fried rice is another favourite, and is so generously portioned you may need a doggy bag. Then there are the stir-fried surf clams in roasted chili paste and basil and the three flavoured fish slathered in a spicy, sweet and sour sauce. The pickled cabbage with pork stomach soup is a surprisingly rich broth which goes beautifully with the milder and gentler stir-fried mushrooms with eggs. All in all, this restaurant is a classic where you can go and taste fresh and delicious Thai fast food cooked to order.             Thippharot Rattanakosin Rd, Chang Moi district Open diary 4.30pm-10.30pm Tel. 081 884 2168