Gaeng Kamu

 |  July 31, 2019


In days of yore, travel in this part of the world was challenging at best, and life-threateningly dangerous at worst. One of the difficulties for travelerss was in how they get this food while travelling through thick jungles or remote mountain regions. Most prefernd to take their own food with them…just in case. As a result, an entire cuisine of food was developed over the years, comprising of dried, pickled and salted foods. Many of these foods have become staple items in kitchens, as well as dishes which have lasted until today. Often basic ingredients such as fried garlic, ginger, lemongrass and galangal are simply put into a pot with pickled vegetables and other meats and vegetables foraged along the way. This combination of foods, created through necessity, has morphed into a unique dish called Gaeng Kamu. This dish is hard to find, but still eaten today.

Using similar spices as those found in the ubiquitous tom yums, pieces of meat are sliced and added to the mix. With the addition of pickled vegetables, it is a rare dish still beloved by some in Thailand.