Cook With Love | Lobster Sashimi and Lobster Miso Soup

 |  July 9, 2019


Real chefs never just sit on their laurels; they are always improving, reinventing and perfecting.

Chef Natthachai ‘Khai’ Tadatanarat is the owner of Cook With Love which opened with a splash about five years or so ago as a tiny little restaurant with only eight seats serving authentic and absolutely delicious Japanese food. We recall waiting for months to get a table when the restaurant first opened.

Since those early days, Cook With Love has expanded into a creperie business and now have just opened its Cook With Love Sky Kitchen atop the Furama Hotel on Huay Kaew Road.

As always, the top hit dishes are the Canadian lobster dishes, which are served fresh from the tank, lovingly cared for by Chef Khai himself. The sweet and succulent lobster sashimi is a testament to the protein’s freshness and the lobster miso soup, with his secret miso recipe, and served in a paper-lined pot, is definitely the most ordered dish.

The shabu is also a recommended dish because of its delicious soup and premium meats which include wagyu, hida and omi beefs from Australia. There are also three sauces to choose from, sesame, ponzu and salty, which are served with lime, extra chili and garlic for those who dare.

The kani miso uni tufu butter is one dish you also must try. Fat from snow crabs imported from Japan is seasoned and served with fried tofu and topped with salmon roe and homemade hot sea urchin egg sauce which you pour on just before taking a bite.

If that all sounds far too rich for your waistline, then order the sashimi salad served with soy sauce, sit back and enjoy the views.

Cook with Love Sky Kitchen
17th floor, Furama Hotel Chiang Mai
Open daily Lunch 12pm – 3pm
Dinner 5.30pm – 10pm
Tel. 085 616 3966
Facebook : Cook With Love Japanese Restaurant