While away the time with a fragrant cup of Royal Balancing Siphon

 |  May 15, 2019


The wide lawn in the summer is more suitable for the evening than the afternoon. Today, we will take you to experience the atmosphere of sipping coffee and enjoying the moment on the soft green sofas in the hall of the cafe with the Royal Balancing Siphon. A vintage style coffee machine with a shiny golden colour is placed in front of you. And you can simply sit back and watch it gently brew your cup of coffee.     It takes about 15 minutes of bubbling and aromas before you can take a sip of the aromatic cup of coffee. This culture of making coffee is widespread throughout the world. The syphon coffee of this cafe is very special because they use coffee beans from each of the mountains in the north to let us experience a different one each month. This month it is coffee from Doi La Wu, Wiang Haeng Subdistrict. The coffee maker works continuously until nicely boiling. After, we opened the tap to pour coffee into the cup. When we first sip the coffee, we find that the coffee has a strong flavor.  The coffee has a fragrant smell, but the taste is not too dark.   Boost the power in the afternoon  This special Arabica coffee is nicely roasted in a low glass. If you want a perfect cup as designed by the resident barista, then you have to pour all the ingredients served on the wooden tray. First, the sweet and sour lemon juice and soda and then the medium roasted Arabica coffee. This cup of coffee is perfect for a boost energy in the afternoon. You have to sip coffee first to taste the concentration of coffee. Then, you have to gradually stir the ingredients into the cup so that the soda and the sourness of the lemon juice will help to enhance the taste of the coffee all through the mouth. When your battery is at 10%, this cup is sure to charge you up and reboot you for the rest of the day.     The Consul’s Garden Koh Klang road, T. Nong Hoi Open 10am-7pm Tel. 089 888 9339 Facebook: TheConsulsGarden