We Will Quash the Red Shirts if they come to Bangkok says Thai Politician

 | Mon 24 Mar 2014 11:06 ICT

CityNews – Kaewsan Atibhodi, a PDRC activist, former law lecturer and senator, shocked a lot of people last night as he made violent threats to any red shirts that might “dare” to enter Bangkok.Kaewsan AtibhodiThe speech (video here) was first transcribed into Thai by Ajarn Somsak Jeam and then translated into English by well known bilingual Thai blogger Kaewmala.Part of the speech in English is below.  

“… Firstly, whenever the Redshirts, whether as a force within their party, an armed group, or a mass [rally], dare come and put a knife at the neck of the NACC, the Court or the Bangkokians, and say ‘Don’t move while we continue to rape you!’, whenever it comes to that point, there’s no need for any election. Declare martial law and quash them. Quash them! Enough, enough. Enough of this repeated [aggression?]. [They] reject the power of the Court, reject the law, insult and abuse, make corruption, issue laws for themselves. Again and again. In other countries, they would have all been shot fucking dead. That leaves just us, standing right here. Whenever it comes to that point, they say they’ll come on April 5, I say there’s no other way out. If the cancer is this aggressive, it calls for surgery. Declare martial law. Take care of them. Point 1, what I have just said is not Khun Suthep’s or PDRC’s opinion, but a legal opinion as to what course of action is needed for the cause. Point 2, after the force has been used to maintain order…” 

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