Twitter Photo Shows Protester Hit By Rubber Bullet

 | Mon 2 Dec 2013 16:09 ICT

CityNews – A Facebook photo of an anti-government protester standing outside the Government House depicts an injury to his chest from a rubber bullet, allegedly fired at him by police.

A Dutch eyewitness in contact with CityNews has been keeping up with the chaos in Bangkok, and regularly posting photos of the protests. He alleges that the protesters have managed to bring a bulldozer to the Government House, but it is unclear whether this is a real threat or just a symbol of their demands.

The photo of the man holding the rubber bullet was taken by Phil Prajya, whose twitter page is full of photos from the ongoing protests in Bangkok. This particular photo has the caption “?” which translates to “Rubber bullets and bruises of the assembly”.

The incident apparently occurred outside the Government House, where police have been trying to push back the hordes of protestors with tear gas, water cannons, and now, rubber bullets. Some news sites are starting to report that the government has confirmed it will begin using rubber bullets on unruly protesters.