Mentally unstable woman assaults a woman at Maejo University

 | Wed 4 Sep 2019 15:35 ICT

CityNews – A mentally ill woman bodily assaults another woman at Maejo University.

Following a video clip which has been released on social media revealing a dispute between two women in Maejo University on July 3rd, the case came to conclusion today, September 4th.

The attacker is identified as Jirapat Apiwong, 57, who was represented by her cousin Siri Sriprasert. On the day of the incident, the video clip shows that Jirapat attacked Kamonwan Pongsano, 23, a university admin officer with a motorcycle helmet.

The attacker’s cousin, Siri explained that Jirapat has been suffering from metal instability after an accident which occurred a decade ago which led to the death of her friend, causing injuries to her brain, and months of being hospitalised. Following the incident, she isolated herself from family and relatives. Siri revealed that she only heard about the incident from the news and stepped in to help her aunt. Siri stated that she will take full responsibility for the incident.

As Kamonwan decided not to press any further charges, the 57 year old attacker was fined for bodily assault of a 1,000 baht and had to pay compensation of 500 baht. Police urge her family to give herproper healthcare.