Lights On At Judicial Residences That Should Be Empty Angers Locals

 | Tue 12 Jun 2018 05:49 ICT

CityNews – A picture of lights coming from the banned judicial residences on Doi Suthep has gone viral, angering locals.

A picture was posted on June 9th on a Facebook page campaigning against the judicial residences construction on Doi Suthep, showing the lights on, coming from the residences. After a long campaign against judicial officers, the issue concluded with an order from the PM that no one will be allowed to live in the disputed area.

The picture, therefore, raised the question about possible violation of this order. Today (June 12th) the picture has over six hundred shares and two hundred comments.

The committee, who have set up to work to return the disputed area to the forest, has been approved by the authorities, according to Teerasak Lubsuwan (the anti-judicial housing campaign coordinator). The land is now scheduled to be transfer to the Treasury Department on June 18th.