Letter from Abhisit to United Nations on ‘Political Situation’ Posted on Social Media

 | Mon 13 Jan 2014 14:33 ICT

CityNews – A letter from Abhisit Vejjajiva, dated January 13th, to Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has surfaced online today on anti-government Facebook pages, including this one, the page of a Chulalongkorn professor and ardent supporter of the anti-government protests.

Victory Monument on first day of Bangkok Shutdown January 13th

The Democrat leader insists in the letter that independent agencies such as the National Ant-Corruption Committee (NACC) and the Election Commission (EC) are not involved in political conflicts – as has been rumoured, especially after the recent NACC ruling.  

The letter then discusses the Amnesty Bill and other controversies relating to The Democrats.

The full letter is here and part two here.