Chiang Mai Doesn’t Cheat Project Started After Thailand’s Corruption Ranking Drops

 | Tue 5 Sep 2017 05:26 ICT

CityNews – An Anti-Corruption Project was launched by Chiang Mai Justice Provincial Office under the tag line “Chiang Mai Doesn’t Cheat (เชียงใหม่ไม่โกง)” after the overall national corruption rating of Thailand has increased.

It was reported earlier this year by Transparency International that Thailand’s corruption ranking dropped to 101st in 2016 Corruption Perception Index from 76th place a year earlier scoring only 35 out of 100. According to the report by Office of Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission, in the past few years, reports of corruption have increased on average of 2,000 to 3,000 cases per year.

The governor of Chiang Mai announced on August 4th that the Chiang Mai Doesn’t Cheat Project aims to build an immunity towards corrupt practices and helps emphasise the negative impacts corruption has on our society.

The project will began with a 2-day event on September 4th to 5th with activities and a parade from Three Kings Monument to The Empress Hotel followed by a seminar that targets government officers, private employees and students.