Woman Who Lost Leg in Traffic Collision Says Car Driver Yet to Pay Compensation

 | Fri 27 Apr 2018 05:18 ICT

CityNews – A traffic collision two months ago that caused a woman to lose her leg has reported that she has not yet received any support from the driver that collided with her motorbike despite an agreement at the time.

The collision between a motorcycle and a car occurred on February 28th this year near Wat Ram Poeng, Suthep. Junjira ‘Fon’ Jaikam, 23, was riding her bike with her husband when a car driven by Nuttapon Puntaka, 21, crossed the middle of the road and crashed into them in their lane. Nuttapon stated that he was driving at a normal speed, and was avoiding a parked motorcycle on the side of the road when he crashed with Fon.

Fon and her husband suffered severe injuries, so much so that she had to have her leg amputated from the knee down to save her life, while her husband suffered broken bone and has internal fixation. Fon also accused Nuttapon mother of being insensitive to their injuries after she claimed the pair were over-exaggerating. The mother has subsequently denied she said such a thing. Fon also claimed that Nuttapon tried to flee the scene of the crash but failed due to a flat tire. The claimed was later denied by Nuttapon himself as he explained that he was driving away to park the car.

It has been two months since the incident and Fon recently posted on her Facebook account claiming that the case has gone quiet and that her and her husband have not yet received any support from Nuttapon as agreed to at the time.

Both Fon and her husband had to quit their jobs due to their injuries, and they have a five year old daughter they are trying to support.

Although Nuttapon and his mother admitted to the incident, they denied any allegation that they try to avoid being held accountable to the case. His mother explained that the car has first class insurance which will cover the cost of both sides.

Fon and her husband asked them for 14 million baht in compensation as Fon is now unable to continue her career due to the injuries, and is still unfit for work. They are trying to settle out of court.

Nuttapons’ mother also made an allegation against the victims, claiming that Fon asked a relative to attack Nuttapon in revenge. She also expressed her concern that the father of Fon’s husband is a police officer at Phu Ping Ratchaniwet Police Station, and that the case might not be justified fairly.

Police stated that they are now gathering evident for further prosecution.