Woman Found Murdered With a Broken Glass Bottle in her Rectum

 | Thu 16 Apr 2015 05:16 ICT

CityNews – A woman was found murdered in a Chiang Mai hotel room last Tuesday, suffering wounds to her chest and severe internal bleeding from a broken bottle in her rectum.

UPDATE: The man has been identified and arrested. Read more here.

ฆ่าโหด (2)

The woman, 33-year-old Samorn Khlangdet, was found in the bathroom of her hotel room with a severely bruised face and injuries to her chest.

She was taken to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital for an autopsy where a glass water bottle was discovered in her rectum and intestines, believed to have been inserted into her anus while she was still alive. She died from internal bleeding.

Evidence of sexual intercourse was also found.

When she was discovered by hotel staff, she had no documents on her, and police believe the murderer planned to steal her belongings.

After studying the hotel’s CCTV footage, police identified the suspect as a thin, tall man, aged around 40. He escaped the scene on a motorbike in the morning of Monday, April 13.

เร่งหาเบาะแส (2)The hotel staff told police that the suspect and Miss Samorn came to rent a room early Monday morning at around 5.35am. They were both drunk and Samorn told the staff the man was Vietnamese.

Police believe that they met at a late night karaoke bar and the suspect invited her to have sex at a hotel, where he could also steal her belongings.

According to Samorn’s friend, the victim and her friends enjoyed a night out at Spicy bar before Samorn separated from her friends and went to Lucky Bar alone. After parting ways, they could not get in contact with her again.

The victim’s friends also told police that she had a mobile phone that was probably taken by the suspect.

According to a man who was renting the room next door, when the couple arrived they had trouble with the electricity and they knocked on his door asking for help. Once he fixed their problem, the woman gave him a hug which he believed angered the man.

The police are now tracing the suspect, and are worried he has some form of mental illness.

Women are warned that the suspect may still be in Chiang Mai and to be wary as police are worried he may commit another crime of a similar tone.