Witchdoctor brought on for search for toddler Gina

 | Tue 7 Sep 2021 12:21 ICT

The father of ‘Gina’, the toddler who disappeared on Sunday evening, believes that she has been abducted.

Police say that divers have found no sign of the girl in any nearby bodies of water and a search and rescue team of over 200 people say that they are now ready to expand their search circle from 2kms to 5kms. Heat detecting drones have also been used, but have yielded no results.

According to the 43 year old father, a relative had hired on a witch doctor who has said that Gina is alive but has been hidden. The witch doctor went on to say that a man had abducted by Gina who took her away on a motorbike, hiding her until she will be handed onto a person with a pickup trick. The abductor, according to the witch doctor, is also someone familiar with the family who had visited often.

This has led the father, and police, to suspect a neighbour, Siew, 45, a close neighbour and regular visitor to the home, of possibly taking her, perhaps with intention of selling her.

Police have searched Siew’s house and have found him to be absent. His wife said that he drove the motorbike out of the house and hasn’t returned.

Police say that five pickup trucks have been confirmed as leaving the village around the time Gina went missing, three belonging to villagers who have been cleared and two more belonging to mattress salesmen who they are searching.