Wing 41 to manage Star Dome, staff to remain

 | Mon 3 Aug 2020 12:04 ICT

Deputy Chief of Air Staff General Pongsak Semachai said that employees will not be losing their jobs over the [เสนาธิการทหารอากาศ]cancellation of the Star Dome lease by Wing 41.

According to the general, the Star Dome management company had always understood that the golf course was to be used as a leisure centre primarily for families, employees and staff of the Wing 41. The company had enjoyed four three year leases but in recent years had been turning the place into more of a private business, bringing in more and more outsiders to use its facilities, said the general. The Wing 41 had therefore decided to rescind the lease and manage the property themselves.

The general reassured all 300 members of staff that there were no plans to let them go and that the air force was closing operations temporarily for renovations, but will soon reopen.