Wastewater Smuggled Into Chiang Mai Moat Water Source

 | Tue 29 Mar 2016 06:30 ICT

CityNews – Disapong Tosutisak, the Irrigation Engineer of the Maetang Irrigation Project and his team checked water quality at the Maetang Irrigation, Chiang Mai Phukam Junction on March 28, after they found that there was smuggled wastewater.

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This water is used in Chiang Mai moat that is a big part of Songkran festivities. Disapong said because there is very low water quantity currently at this site, it is clear that wastewater was present. This polluted water has been released and combined with water from other sources at the ditch of Chang Phuak district. Disapong also said that he worries about the effects on agriculture and the water supply of Chiang Mai City. He reported his concerns to the police at Chang Phuak Police Station on March 25. However, there was no response from the municipal district, and Disapong will follow up on March 30. At a part of the Chiang Mai moat, 50 million litres was released into the moat in Chiang Mai already, and the overall water quality is good for playing on Songkran days.