Visa Runs still Possible for Genuine Tourists

 | Mon 19 May 2014 10:02 ICT

CityNews – Tourists who can genuinely prove they are travelling in Thailand for tourism purposes will be allowed re-entry to Thailand after the August 13th immigration law change date.

“Genuine tourists are fine.” Lt Gen Pharnu Kerdlarpphon “All [tourists] have to do is prove at the border checkpoints that they really are tourists by presenting evidence…” This evidence includes travel itineraries, hotel bookings, tour bookings or any other form of document that can verify their travel in the country is as a genuine tourist.

The change in rules at the borders which will come into effect on August 13th, are in place to prevent the abuse of the Visa-exemption re-entry stamps that many foreigners acquire to remain in Thailand to work. The visa is meant for tourists only.

If any foreigner is found illegally working on a tourist visa they will be deported from Thailand and banned for five years under the new plans. The plans are said to target Russians, South Koreans, Chinese and Vietnamese nationalities, who allegedly abuse the system the most.

Until August 13th, anyone completing a tourist visa run for an Out-In stamp will be allowed another three re-entries, with their passport being marked with a new O-I stamp. It is suggested that anyone working illegally should apply for a business visa to work legally to avoid deportation.