Victim’s Families of Tragic Toll-way Crash in Bangkok receive Compensation but Young Driver so far Avoids Detention

 | Tue 20 Aug 2013 14:59 ICT

CityNews – The 2010 accident that became a huge controversy involving a 17 year old female driver and took nine lives on the Donmueng toll-way is back in the Thai press after the victim’s families were paid some compensation.

The tragic crash happened December 2010 when a van travelling to Thammasart University was smashed into by a seventeen-year-old girl in her Honda Civic. Nine people died and five more were injured after the van lost control and flipped onto its side.

The accident gained wide media attention when it was discovered that the girl did not have a license. She was also photographed ‘texting’ after the crash while bodies lay strewn on the floor. Public outcry ensued and Facebook pages were set up to criticize the girl. Many Thais voiced that this was another case of double standards concerning justice and status in Thai society as it became known that the girl’s family were wealthy. At the time Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva told the media that nobody was above the law. 

The girl has still not served any time in jail as her family fight the lawsuit against her. The families have so far been paid a total of 900,000 baht each by Navakij Insurance Public Company Limited.

It was reported in Khaosod that the Thammasart Law Center and families of the victims will sue the girl’s family in Civil Court for compensation. 

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