Venders get schooled on chili dip packaging for planes

 | Mon 2 Nov 2020 16:25 ICT

CNX AOT authorities visited vendors from various markets late last week, to explain airport rules and regulations for taking liquids and pastes onto airplanes, especially chili dips and pastes.

The focus was on spreading awareness about packaging and other regulations needed so that passengers could buy local goods and take them onto airplanes.

Vendors at Warorot market were told that all containers of chili dips had to be under 100ml, sealed, with origins of products clearly stated and that no passenger was allowed to carry more than 1litre of liquids or paste onto the plane, even though they are in separate continers.

CNX AOT authorities explained that each day between 100-200 containers of liquids, most of which are food souvenirs, from passengers are discarded. The aim is to promote tourism and make it easier for visitors to Chiang Mai to support the local economy, they told reporters.