Valentine’s Day Rose Buying Fervour

 | Fri 14 Feb 2020 12:28 ICT

CityNews – 14th February 2020, Ton Yam Lai Market, Chiang Mai

Flower shops in Chiang Mai’s famous Flower Market began decorating their shops with roses a day or so ago, to get ready for today’s celebration of love. 

Plengsri Nakkam, owner of Yupin Fresh Flowers, said that this year has seen strong sales as customers purchase roses as a gift for their loved ones. Over 60% of the purchasers are teenagers and students, which says a lot about the importance of love in the young Thai people today. 

The most popular roses are still red and white, being purchased for between THB 10 – THB 20 for a single stem. Bunches have sold from anywhere between THB 100 and THB 3,500. However, this year has seen a reduced level of purchases from Chinese customers, as the impact of the coronavirus affects the number of visitors to Chiang Mai.