UNICEF Concerned About Children’s Rights During Protests

 | Wed 29 Jan 2014 11:51 ICT

CityNews – UNICEF has publicly shared their anxiety over the protests violating the rights of some 312,000 Thai students in Bangkok. The constitution states that every Thai child has the right to education, and the ongoing protests have disrupted the daily routines of many families who have been unable to get their children to school.

Reports from The Ministry of Education says that around 934 educational facilities have been closed, affecting a huge number of students and over 18,000 teachers who have been unable to work. 

UNICEF urges all parties involved to prioritise the needs and rights of Thai children, who need to receive an education and continue with their normal routines. According to Action Aid Thai children have the right to at least 12 years of free education, yet nearly 1 million children do not attend school. The added effects of the protests have further worsened the situation for schoolchildren, teachers and parents.