Thai Man Arrested for Exposing Penis to Japanese Tourist at Internet Cafe

 | Wed 21 Aug 2013 13:21 ICT

CityNews – The Thai man in question, Sittiwat Panchun (23), told police that the reason he got his penis out was because he needed to go to the toilet.

Screenshot from CM108’s YouTube channel: Sittiwat with police.

However Chiang Mai police, who arrested Sittiwat at the internet café on Singharat Road where he works, were told by the unnamed Japanese tourist that she had been lured to the quiet 2nd floor so Sittiwat could be alone with her.

The woman said she was suspicious when Sittiwat told her to go to the floor for gaming when she wanted to use the internet. It wasn’t long until she found out why she was placed upstairs. She told police that she looked behind her when she heard a kind of orgasm voice and he was standing there holding his penis. She ran down the stairs and later called police.

Sittiwat was charged with public indecency.