Thai Anti-Smoking Ad Gathers 5 Million Views in 10 Days

 | Mon 13 Jan 2014 13:27 ICT

CityNews – ‘Smoking Kid’, an advert made by Ogilvy and Mather Bangkok as part of a campaign run by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, has made headlines with its worldwide impact, and garnered awards and praise from many associations, including the Cannes Film Festival and Spikes Asia.

The children featured in the advert asking adult smokers for a light.

The ad is now spreading like wildfire on the site which functions as a platform for content to go viral. The ad has chalked up over 5 million YouTube views and 20,000 comments from people discussing the health impacts of smoking, and encouraging the spread of the advert over the internet.

The ad has been benefiting from free press coverage locally and further afield, with newspapers labelling it an international hit, and Quitline Thailand reporting a 40% increase in callers.

You can call Quitline on 1600, and visit the Thai Health Promotion Fund here.