Ten men attack wrong guy and apologise

 | Fri 4 Sep 2020 10:16 ICT

Last week a Shan man was riding his motorbike in Sansai when a gang of ten men attacked him, beating him up and leaving him with many injuries. An kindly passerby helped the victim and managed to capture photographs of the attack, which helped lead police to their capture.

Police have now found the group of men, whose ages range between 17 and 24 years old, five of whom were under 18.

The 24 year old Shan man and his girlfriend were invited into the police station to negotiate with the accused earlier this week. The victim told the police that he was riding a red Yamaha motorbike with his helmet on when he was dragged off his bike, his helmet pulled off, and beaten up. He suffered from a head wound, bruised face, cut lip and lacerations across his body. He also told police that he had never met the accused before and had no idea why they attacked him.

As to the accused, one of them told the police that they had had issues with some Tai Yai (Shan) youths earlier and were looking out for revenge. The victim happened to be riding the same model and colour motorbike as the man they were looking for, so they mistook him for another person. They have agreed to compensate the man for all costs and ask for his forgiveness.

Following negotiations, each of the attackers agreed to pay the victim 1,000 baht each. As to the legal side, police will be prosecuting them all, including the minors who will go to juvenile court.