Shan man ambushed and beaten by 10 youths

 | Mon 31 Aug 2020 14:59 ICT

A Tai Yai man in his twenties was severely beaten yesterday in Sansai and villagers in the neighbourhood are demanding police action.

A man who wishes not to be named told reporters that he saw a group of ten young men milling about across the road from his shop in Sansai yesterday evening and was keeping an eye on them when a motorbike driven by a man in his twenties with a female passenger came by.

“The ten men swarmed the motorbike and just began to hit and kick him,” said the man, “we neighbours were all shouting and begging them to stop, but they didn’t stop until they were satisfied.”

The female passenger, who is the girlfriend of the victim, was left unharmed and by the time rescue workers and police arrived, the group had dispersed.

“We don’t want anything like this to happen again and urge the police to investigate and punish those who did this.”
There is no information at this time as to who the perpetrators were or what their grievance was with the victim.