Teens target stranger and beats him senseless

 | Fri 16 Jul 2021 12:09 ICT

CCTV camera has caught disturbing footage of over a dozen technical college students chasing, cornering and eventually beating up on a 17 year old boy late night before last.

According to rescue workers, just before midnight on the 15th July they were called to assist a boy who was badly beaten and sitting in front of a shop.

Following investigation, police say that the teen was riding home along the Superhighway on a modified motorbike which was very loud while another two friends were riding home on another motorbike.

When they passed the Sarn Dek Intersection one of the friends said that he saw a group of youths similar in age on motorbikes who began to follow them in an intimidating manner. Convinced that they were looking for trouble he said that he and his friends turned into Chang Puak road at the Kuang Singh intersection heading towards the city, hoping for safety while his other friend u-turned heading back to his dorm behind Lanna Hospital. It was along the quiet slip road parallel to the Superhighway that he was attacked. By the time the pair managed to do turn around and find their friend, he had already been attacked and left unconscious by the youths.

The sister of the 17 year old injured party told CityNews that her brother and his friends did not know any of the group of violent youths and suspect that they became irritated at the loud noise of the bike’s exhaust and were simply looking for trouble.

The injured boy has mild brain hemorrhage, but is believed to make a full recovery.

He has told his sister that he is going to go after the three to four main culprits who did the beating to the full extent of the law.