Songtaews will file a petition against the legalisation of ridesharing services

 | Tue 2 Jul 2019 10:45 ICT

CityNews – Nakhon Lanna Cooperative prepares to file a petition against a legislation that will legalised ride sharing services.

On July 1st at Nakhon Lanna Cooperative, also known as the songtaew co-op, a meeting was held by songtaew drivers after the Department of Land Transportation announced a plan pushing for ride sharing services legalisation.

Boonniem Boontha, the president of Nakhon Lanna Cooperative revealed that after a two hour discussion, the co-op agreed to file a petition against the legislation as the majority of the drivers are in distress from the shrinking income from the alternative services.

Boonniem stated that there will not be any movements by songtaews at this time, except working on filing the petition, and the committee of the co-op will be responsible for the process. Nakhon Lanna Cooperative is hoping to process the petition as soon as possible.

The petition will also demand the government to seek solutions for those affected by the regulation, if it is to be legalised.