“Sick of Thainess” says high school student on Thai TV causing outrage across the country

 | Fri 28 Jun 2013 14:01 ICT

CityNews – Social media has been fired-up after an interview in which Thai student, Netiwit Chotipattanapaisan, the secretary of Thai Students for the Thai Education Revolution Federation, told the interviewer that he is, “sick of Thainess.”

Netiwit Chotipattanapaisan 

The interview took place June 27th on a TV show called ‘The Daily Dose’ which is aired on Voice TV. The interviewer, ex-Politician ML Nattakorn Devakula, was discussing topic of the Thai education system with the outspoken student.

Netiwit said in the interview:

“I didn’t like school before because there are too many rules. I don’t like the concept of the rules, which always talks about ‘Thainess.’ Everything is about Thainess. Thai people have to be like this, or like that. It’s too confined.”

After the 1.46 minute video clip was posted on YouTube and disseminated through social media there has been an avalanche of comments about the clip, some in agreement, most passionately not in agreement with what the young student said. It’s also been criticized that when Netiwit talked he never said ‘krap’ after a statement or a question.

Here are some of the comments (translated) seen on Facebook and other media:

“You want to abolish Thainess? You should abolish being human!”

“I pity that you were born Thai. Both the interviewer and interviewee should kill themselves, and then tell the devil that you don’t want to be born Thai.”

“You should live in Cambodia! How on earth can you abolish Thainess? And don’t speak Thai!”

“It doesn’t matter how great you are, but without manners, you are not civilised.”

“Abolish Thainess? F**k your dad!”

There are less comments that agree with the student.

“He is not wrong. I think Thai society is still in a box. Many things are censored, even ideas. Some rules are too over the top. School often thinks about order, not students’ thoughts. Sometimes we have to accept people’s ideas and think about them.”

“I cheered up after seeing this boy! I am hopeful when I see new generations who dare to speak against hyper nationalism. When I look at many comments here, I see it is too hard to stop this hyper nationalism.’