Sia Gao the cat gets back fake gold chain collar

 | Fri 21 May 2021 19:01 ICT

Following this morning’s news about a viral story that got netizens sleuthing for the two thieves who stole some change, hand gel, and most outrageously a handicapped cat’s fake gold collar, we are happy to report that Sia Gao the cat has had his collar returned to him.

According to the manager of the project, the two men saw the social media storm following their theft and came to return the collar out of guilt.

“For what I did, stealing the hand gel and the collar, I didn’t realise it was the cat’s because it had fallen off the cat,” wrote one of the men in a note in a plastic bag containing two hand gels, 60 baht in cash and the collar, which he quietly left by the toilet this afternoon. “What I did was because I wasn’t in the right mind, being drunk at the time. I am very sorry for my behaviour.”

The manager of the plaza said that she would not be pressing the issue further, hoping that the young men learn their lesson that even petty theft can lead to worse crimes.