School forewarned of 39 year old teacher arrested in hotel room with 15 year old

 | Tue 16 Feb 2021 12:06 ICT

On Saturday a 39 year old man was arrested in a hotel room in the company of a 15 year old girl and charged with ‘Separating a youth over the age of 15 and under the age of 18 from her parents or caretakers for indecent purposes, with the youth’s consent’.

Today, the Children Women Families Protection Centre Anti Human Trafficking of Provincial Police Region 5 told the media that the man arrested is a teacher in a well-known private school in Chiang Mai.

It was revealed that this man had previously received a warning from his school following reports of a similar behaviour in the past.

Police say that the teacher had previously officially resigned from the school and was supposed to work until April, but now his contract has been terminated. It was also revealed that his teaching license had recently expired and he was in the process of renewing it. An independent committee is looking into cancelling his license for life as well as investigating the school further.

The child’s parents say that she is being cared for and is receiving treatment.