Pork prices continue to rise

 | Fri 14 Jan 2022 13:09 ICT

The continued rise in pork prices is affecting businesses and consumers across Chiang Mai and there is currently no sign prices will drop soon.

One pork vendor at Tom Payom market has been raising eyebrows by selling her pork at far below market prices, telling CityNews, “I can’t be marking up prices to the point my customers can’t afford it. So I have taken just the tiniest bit of profit, just to cover our overheads, and that is enough for me at this point.”

While pork belly and neck is currently being sold across the city at 240 baht per kg, Chaikit butcher in Ton Payom market sells it at only 168 baht. Her pork shoulder is also sold at 166 baht, whereas the market price is now at 195 baht.

Chaikit is doing a brisk trade as word has spread and urges other butchers to also take a hit on profit.

“This swine flu has really dented consumer confidence in pork, but this is only part of the cause in rising prices,” said Chaikit’s owner Tasanee. “I urge authorities to seriously look at solving this issue which is affecting consumers across the nation.” 

Nanthida Chomphuchai, another butcher in the same market who has not reduced her prices, says, “I have lost 50% of my daily income; in fact, I bought 10kgs of pork loin yesterday and have yet to sell any of it.”