Police warn of scam call demanding compensation from fake accident

 | Fri 13 Sep 2019 11:40 ICT

CityNews – Maejo Police have warned the public against a scammer claiming to be the police.

The warning follows a post on Facebook by an unnamed woman who received a phone call from the number 084-025-4827. The caller said there had been an accident with her son, claiming that they were at the scene with a rescue team. The woman stated that the background noise was convincing with sirens and traffic sounds. The caller even had a man talk to her, pretending to be her son. She said that his voice sounded different but she thought maybe it was due to the shock from the accident. She was told that her son did not have any injuries but the caller’s son had broken bones and she was demanding compensation. The caller claimed that the insurance would not cover the cost as the scam victim’s son was driving against traffic.

She agreed to pay but asked to visit the caller’s son at the hospital. She sensed a hesitation on the end of the call but then was told to go to Kasenrad Hostapital. She asked for name but did not receive any answer. She then started to suspect that this might be a scam. Her suspicion was later confirmed when she called her son shortly afterwards.

Maejo Police revealed that there has been at least three victims who received similar calls from the same number.