Police Seize Samurai Sword from Student Gang in Changpuek

 | Mon 1 Jul 2013 14:04 ICT

CityNews – On 29th June, around 2.30 p.m. Changpuek Police apprehended a group of twelve young men who were sitting in front of seven-eleven, Boriboon Market branch, on Chotana Road. When body searches were performed on the group a metre long Samurai sword was found.

From CM108’s YouTube channel

This comes a week after vicious knife attacks in Chiang Mai left two victims within an inch of their life.

A report on CM108’s YouTube channel showed police revealing the sword to the camera. It is believed that the young men are all vocational school students in Chiang Mai. They told police that they were on their way home to the Maetang district after a night out in the Santithan Area.

The man with the sword told police that he received the sword from an unnamed man before he left a nightclub. Photographs were taken of all the men, the sword was seized, and the men were allowed to go.

Police said they have set-up checkpoints all over Chiang Mai to try and end gang activity that has been plaguing the city.