Police Catch and Kill Police Killer

 | Fri 2 Dec 2016 07:17 ICT

CityNews – 35 year old Prasert Laolee who shot and killed a police officer in Mae Taeng District earlier this week, escaping into the jungle and evading arrest for two days, has been caught and shot to death during his arrest.

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Prasert Laole shot Police Lance Corporal Siriyut Noiarun on November 29th during a drug bust gone bad. Police hunted him down and found him in a small hut in the mountains of Pa Pae Sub District of Mae Taeng. Prasert allegedly reached for his gun and the police shot him to death.

Prasert’s wife, Suthasinee Saenor, who drove away and escaped during the shootout with police earlier this week is still at large.

The police released a photo of the bullet-ridden shooter who appears to be lying on his bed in a small hut, his arms to his side and gun placed on his belly.