Police Arrest 49 Illegal Workers… And Then Offer Them Rice Soup

 | Thu 22 May 2014 08:02 ICT

CityNews – At 6 a.m. on Tuesday, 20th May, police from two stations from Phayao Police Station and Chiang Rai Police Station, along with 60 police officers, took a court order to Phayao to arrest illegal immigrants working at Phayao University.

Thai rice soup.

The arrest took place in a workers camp around the dormitory in the University. Myanmar migrants shouted in Burmese at the police officers, and many of them ran away. In total, 49 migrants were seized, all of whom had expired visas.

Most of the illegal workers had migrated north from Nakhon Pathom and Bangkok. They were fined 4,000 baht each by the Phayao police station, and their employer was fined 1,000 baht per illegal worker.

The group of workers arrested were mainly women and children. The police were concerned about them receiving care, and made them rice soup for breakfast.

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