Paper Plane Champion is Qualified to Apply for Citizenship

 | Fri 24 Aug 2018 09:24 ICT

CityNews – Mong Thongdee, a stateless paper plane champion who was featured on the cover of Citylife in 2008, has, ten years on, finally become eligible to receive citizenship.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency Thailand published an announcement on August 23rd congratulating Mong Thongdee for passing the qualification of applying for Thai citizenship. Mong Thongdee was a student at Ban Huay Sai School, Chiang Mai, who once made national headlines after winning an international paper plane competition in Japan in 2008. Following the win, he was hailed as a hero of Thailand and promised a quick path to citizenship. Once the media buzz died down, it appears that there was no progress for a decade.

In a statement, the Department of Provincial Administration, Ministry of Interior has said that it has approved Mong’s qualifications. Mong who is currently taking Ban Huay Sai School’s students to a paper place competition in Bangkok revealed his next step which is to actually apply for the citizenship at Muang Chiang Mai Office where all his documents will be reviewed along with his criminal background check. He estimated that the process will probable take around 90 days after he apply which he plans to do on August 28th after returning from Bangkok.

The reason this issue is now back in the news is that questions were raised about Mong following the fast track to citizenship for the Wild Boars, following the recent cave rescue.