Old murals brought back to life following bad repair job

 | Fri 28 Aug 2020 15:43 ICT

Late last month news of a bad repair job at the city’s old Wat Meun Larn received widespread condemnation after it was reported that restoration works on a 104 year old set of door panels was botched when three layers of paint was painted on top of priceless old murals.

The Fine Arts Department, upon hearing about this, sent in some artists and archeologists who used special chemicals to strip the three new layers of paint winch had been layered onto to the old wall by an abbot who didn’t know about the value of the mural and now say that they have recovered about 40% of the original works.

It has so far taken 20 days to get to this stage and they believe that they will be able to bring about 80% of the original works back to life.

The restoration and repair works are expected to continue for another month.