Old temple suffers from bad repair

 | Wed 29 Jul 2020 16:55 ICT

The Fine Arts Department has visited Meun Larn Temple in the city following social media drama which has accused the temple of destroying its heritage by painting over an old door.

Thoedsak Yenjura, director of a conservation group under the Fine Arts Department 7, Chiang Mai, along with a team of experts visited the temple on Ratchadamnoen Road to see the damage today.
The team found that there had indeed been some painting over the old wall murals, in anticipation of repainting the pattern, according to the abbot.
The team said that there were parts of the temple which are no longer salvable, as not only was the paint, but part of the cement underneath stripped. However, there is an area by the door which the team thinks it can save as it has only has painting on it which can be removed by chemicals. However, the team warns, this could take a very long time as the temple had already applied three layers of coats on it.
The officials from the Fine Arts Department say that the temple was well intentioned, having received much needed donations to repair many old features of the temple. However, without fully understanding the complexities of what is needed to do the works, they may have made mistakes. The team will begin to help salvage what can be saved.