Nun raises 100k to save life of rampaging albino buffalo

 | Fri 8 Oct 2021 15:56 ICT

An albino male water buffalo escaped an abattoir in Chang Klan area, creating chaos as it caused a four-vehicle accident on Mahidol Road.

The panicked buffalo then went on a stampede, rushing at people at a petrol station, a hotel and a mobile phone shop. Two hotel staff were injured before a rescue crew contained the buffalo.

The incident occurred on the 30th of September. However, earlier today, Phiraya Panyaissra, 53, a nun and owner of a ‘garden for animals’ in Ratchaburi Province, visited the injured parties and offered authorities 100,000 baht for the life of the buffalo.

Chiang Mai Police say that the issue is a matter of law and the owner of the buffalo has 30 days in which to come and present themselves. An auction will then be held at the end of the 30 days, with proceeds raised going towards any damages caused.

The buffalo will soon be moved to the Chiang Mai University Veterinary Hospital to await its fate at the end of the 30 day period.

Following a brief inspection it was found that the buffalo had suffered from some injury to the leg, the cost of which the nun has offered to pay. She has also offered to pay one hotel staff 3,000 baht for some minor injuries and police estimate damage from the incident to be at 47,000 baht.

The nun told CityNews that she has raised 100,000 from the public to be used to save the buffalo’s life, but fears it may not be enough.

She said that she has found a home for the buffalo in Lamphun where it may live freely until its natural death. “Animals are afraid of death too, just like us,” she told CityNews. “So whatever we can do to help alleviate their suffering, we should.”