New immigration office at Promenada

Our reader Ron Lister kindly sent these photos of the new immigration office at Promenada, taken yesterday.

“A few farang were hanging around their previous site on the ground floor, which was all locked and no notices on windows or doors. So I asked a security guard and he directed me to the first floor. A thorough walk around there but no Immigration office.

So I went up to the second floor and walked around there. Nothing. I called in to the Bangkok Bank on second floor and a lady told me Immigration were nearby just around the corner.

There it was, hidden away alongside the Krungsri Bank. I had walked right past it earlier!”

According to Lister, all COVID precautions are being practiced and while there are limited services provided, it is a convenient alternative to the main office. This office is particularly useful for the 90 day reports because of the parking and other services such as restaurants to be found in the mall.