New airport screening system starting 1st December

 | Tue 17 Nov 2020 16:02 ICT

A new terminal screening system, the In-Line Screening, will be implemented in Chiang Mai and all other national airports, as of 1st December 2020.

Because screening of loaded luggage is done at the entrances of the airport, it has allowed the possibility of foreign objects to be placed in the luggage after it has been screened, explained the airport authorities at the Provincial Hall earlier today. He said that the old system has also caused congestion outside the gates into the airport.

All people entering the terminal will only have their temperatures checked with a thermos scan, but no longer have to put their luggage and belongings into the xray machine.

Any passengers with no check-in luggage can simply go to the check-in desks or auto check in machines without the need for any scanning.

Once through the departure lounge doors, they will have to be x-rayed as per normal.

As to passengers with luggage to check in, they will need to go to their check in counters to receive their boarding pass and baggage tag, after which their luggage will be put through the x ray machine further along the conveyor belt.

Passengers are advised to prepare some time as the system may not run smoothly initially as people may be confused.

There will be increased patrolling of the airport by guards as well as sniffer dogs.