Municipality waste recycling platform is LIVE!

 | Wed 31 Jul 2019 15:27 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai Municipality is piloting a recycling service platform.

The GEPP is a recycling collection platform initiated by Chiang Mai Municipality, in collaboration with GEPP Sa-Ard Co., Ltd and the Northern Thai Hotel Association. The trial stage was announced last month and the project has recently been piloted for hotels and schools in the Muang Chiang Mai municipality area.

Via GEPP platform, users can pick a date, time and location for recycling pick-up. There will be a selection of garbage types users wishe to dispose of. Thai and English language are available.

Assanee Buranupakorn, Secretary to the Chief Executive of Chiang Mai Municipality stated that after the platform went online, numerous local businesses showed interest in the service and registered for the application.

The GEPP platform is expected to reduce the amount of garbage generated, which currently sits at 330 tonnes a day in the municipality area. A campaign will be launched next year to educate local communities on waste segregation which is expected to gain support as it hopes users will be motivated by monetary returns from selling recycled items via the platform.

The platform will also provide data to the municipality such as the amount, type and density of waste, which will be utilised in its waste management.


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