Mother who Left Her Newborn Baby at Police Toilet is Identified

 | Fri 1 Mar 2019 13:10 ICT

CityNews – The mother who abandoned her child after giving birth in a police bathroom has been identified.

Following the February 25th report about a newborn baby girl found at Muang Chiang Mai Police Station, police have been able to identify the mother. Bussaba Somfu, 43, is a masseuse at a massage place near the police station. She revealed that the shop was busy due to the Sunday Walking Street and while she was giving a massage, she felt labour pains. Then she excused herself to go to a restroom when she left the shop, heading to the police station restroom. While she was sitting on the toilet, her water broke and the baby reportedly fell into the toilet. She said that it was her intention to leave the baby. Then she spent about 20 minutes cleaning up the mess before leaving the scene.

The baby girl is still under medical care and Bussaba is being prosecuted.